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Stephen Cusack: what I’ve learned

/ via embl/ Stephen Cusack, world-renowned structural biologist and former Head of EMBL Grenoble, reflects on his early influences, his achievements, and the lessons he’s learned as he embarks on his next…

What I’ve learned: Toby Gibson

/ via embl/ From growing up enjoying the nature around him, Toby Gibson led his career towards computational biology where he collaborated with Des Higgins and Julie Thompson to develop the groundbreaking…

When AI meets biology | EMBL

/ via embl/ Five takeaways from the recent EMBO | EMBL conference and how AI is making a difference in biology and bioinformatics A recent EMBO | EMBL Symposium provided a…

Building the cell’s splicing machine

/ via embl/ A new study provides deeper structural insight into the assembly of a critical molecular machine, that removes non-coding information from genes during their expression…

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